Can You Put Pan In Air Fryer? (Explained)

Yes! You can put the pan in fryers if it is air fryer-proof. A marked fryer-proof pan will be able to bear the fryer’s heat. Also, be careful about choosing the size of the pan; any heating element of the fryer shouldn’t touch it. 

The Author

Being a kitchen master, I am always conscious of my kitchen accessories.

While using an air fryer, this question always comes to my mind can you put the pan in an Air fryer? Will it cause any harm?

I have compiled all bombing questions in this article to make it easy for air fryer users.

Let’s get straight into it

Can you put Pan in Air Fryer

Learn about the Air Fryer mechanism

As I am so conscious about my electric appliances.

Before purchasing any machine, I deeply research its efficiency, working mechanism, warranty years, etc. 

If you have full knowledge regarding appliances, you can use them efficiently; otherwise, any blunder can cause serious harm.

For the air fryer, we must know that this machine works exactly like a regular convection oven but without cooking oil.

The heating elements under the fryer are used for cooking food instantly. The fan circulates the heat all over the food and makes it ready in no time.

So you can say the air fryer works like a bullet train.

Can you put Pan in Air Fryer?

Yes! We can use a pan in the air fryer, surely. Although, it is better to take care of the pan, which comes along with the fryer, so you can cook quickly.

But in its absence, you can use any pan. Even I do, but before putting the pan in the fryer, I consider some points so that my fryer can work efficiently.

And the quality of food couldn’t be comprised.

Things to consider while choosing Pan for Air Fryer

Oven Proof Pan

I always select pans marked as fryer/ oven proof and can be used easily. You can check the back side of the pan for  

marks of its fryer proof stamp.

It sometimes happens that mostly pans are not marked as oven proof and are told to use them quickly, but it is better to avoid them as they can cause any trouble. Safety is always in our hands.

Double Coated Pan

I always use coated pan in the air fryer. The reason is quite simple.

Most of the time, the baskets of air fryers are non-coated or nonstick; when another non-coated surface strikes it, chances of inflammation can increase.

Therefore, always use a double-coated or painted steel pan.

Also, if you use a regular pan without coating, your food particles can stick to the pan’s surface, ruining your dish.

Heat Resistant

Always use the pan in the air fryer, which can bear the 400° temperature. The fryer pushes hot air, which surrounds the food, and cooks it quickly.

The food gets ready under high temperature in a blink of an eye.

Therefore, if your pan is not heat resistant, it will lose its material or can be cracked.

Perfect size

Using a pan more petite than a basket of air fryers is better. Because if I use a larger pan, the basket corner will strike the pan causing the Flammarion.

Also, the extra small pan will cover up all heat, ending in food burning.

Therefore, choose the right size pan for the air fryer for better performance.

High Quality Pan

Never compromise over the quality of life. The fryers are pretty expensive, don’t make them vulnerable for the sake of some cheap pans.

Always buy pans made up of high quality. Although they are a little expensive, they will run longer with your air fryer.

Suitable Temperature & Timing

Last but not, the Right temperature and time can influence your cooking game.

It happens most of the time, no matter what pan you are using; if you do not know the time and suitable temperature, you will only create a mess.

For example, I am sharing the best cooking time and temperature range for different items.

       Food                  Temperature                 Timing
       Cookies                   325 °                  9-10 min
      Cake                   325 °                  30-35 min
      Brownies                   325 °                  30-35 min
      Potato Fries                 400°                 10-12 min
      Pizza                  400°                 10-12 min
      Garlic Bread                  350°                  2-3 min
     Bacon                  400°                  5-10 min
     Chicken Breast                   350°                  20-23 min
     Chicken wings                  350°                   28-30 min
     Beef                  400°                   30-32 min
     Steak                  400°                   10-12 min

Alternatives of Steel Pan

Although I use a steel pan also, I have other options to match my air fryer.

Here are some alternatives you can use against steel pan


Most chefs prefer glass pans to work on as they can bear high temperatures.

We can choose a pan made up of Pyrex glass, but with a lot of caution, as it can break easily.

Ceramic Pan

The ceramic pan is mostly oven proofed and can be used easily. They are designed in such a manner to beat high pressure and temperature.

Also, ceramic pans are always marked As oven-proof pans. You can air fry potato and other vegetable chips.

Put them in a ceramic pot, brush some oil, add spices, and here you go. Enjoy healthy and delicious chips

Silicon Pan

Silicon pans could be one of the best for air fryers as they are easy to handle and can work under temperature.

Don’t forget to check the mark of oven-proof under the silicon pan base. You can back muffins and cookies in Silicon muffin molds.

Aluminum foil pan

Don’t worry; aluminum foil pans are oven friendly and can be used without hustle. I use these pans in brownies making.

They are super friendly and easy to handle. They are designed so that the food cooks perfectly in them without causing heat.

Final Thought

Steel pans can easily be used in air fryers if they are double coated and of high quality.

Always learn about the machine before their use as they are made to make our life easy, don’t ruin its peace with your blunders

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