5 Frying Pans that Won’t Warp (Explained)

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The deformation or alteration of the shape of the frying pan is called the warping of a frying pan.

The most common cause of warping is subjecting the frying pan to severe temperature change.

A heavy-duty frying pan of high quality having a thick base is less likely to be warped.

Frying Pans that Won’t Warp

List of Frying Pans that Would Not Warp

Here is a list of frying pans that would not warp due to their specific material:

  1. Kuhn Rikon’s Black Star Iron Frying Pan 
  2. Lava Cast Iron Enameled Frying Pan
  3. Solidteknics iron Frying pan 
  4. Lodge Cast Iron Frying Pan
  5. Made In Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan

Kuhn Rikon’s  Black Star Iron Frying Pan

A frying pan made of spun iron named “Kuhn Rikon’sBlack Star iron frying pan” is light in weight as compared to cast iron pans. It is 32 cm in diameter.

It possesses a thick stable base that facilitates even distribution of heat.

Though it is lighter in weight as compared to cast iron pans, it is still not easy to move around.

Thanks to a long handle and thin edges, which help in carrying this frying pan from the stove to the kitchen shelf or any other required place.

For safety purposes, you should use a kitchen towel or a piece of cloth of appropriate thickness. You can get satisfying results if you deal with it carefully.

Seasoning this pan with vegetable oil will allow you to prepare a meal without sticking. This pan due to the thick base has reduced the risk of getting warped.

Lava Cast Iron Enameled Frying Pan

The lava cast iron enameled frying pan, I am going to talk about, is 11 inches in size. It can be used for multiple purposes.

It is made of cast iron coated with enamel on the inner side.

The enamel coating gives an extra health safety benefit in that it stops cast iron from intermixing into the food material you are cooking.

It can withstand high temperatures almost equal to 750℉. So, we can cook food efficiently even at a high flame without the fear of damaging the frying pan.

Though the frying pan is not non-stick, the enamel coating with time develops an invisible layer that prevents the food from sticking to the pan in the future.

This type of frying pan does not require seasoning due to the presence of an enamel coating.

The enamel coating also acts as a barrier to corrosion phenomenon. It is highly durable and is less prone to warping.

The smooth inner surface makes the cleaning process easy. Moreover, it is dishwasher safe.

It is user-friendly as it is free from PFOA; a hazardous chemical used in the preparation of Teflon.

Teflon is commonly used in the interior coating of non-stick pans. It can be used in an oven besides gas and electric stoves.

It is easy to carry as it comes with a handle of Beachwood which does not get heated quickly. It generally comes with a warranty of two years.

Solidteknics iron Frying pan

The pan made of wrought iron, namely Solidteknics iron Frying pan has the specialty that it is made by using only one sheet of metal.

It has a 26cm diameter, and an attractive look and comes with a lifetime warranty.

It is heavy but the problem of carrying this frying pan is resolved in the form of a metal handle. And a plus point is that the handle does not become hot.

It is super easy to clean as its inner surface is not damaged by hot water. It is highly durable and there are almost no chances of its warping.

Moreover, it gives us the freedom of choosing any type of kitchen appliance for usage like a metal spoon or anything we wish.

Through proper seasoning and care, it can be used from generation to generation.

The seasoning process involves the spreading of oil in the pan and distributing it evenly in all parts and then placing it in an oven for almost 85 minutes.

Later on, wipe it with a soft cloth or towel when it is cooled.  

Lodge Cast Iron Frying Pan

 A lodge 12-inch frying pan made of cast iron is an indestructible type of frying pan with a silicon handle. Like all cast iron pans, it is also burdensome.

It is the silicon handle that reduces the effort of carrying this frying pan from one place to the other. This frying pan comes with a warranty period of a lifetime.

It can be used safely up to 500 degrees in an oven. It can be used on the stove and on campfires etc.

It can keep the heat balanced for a long time and this feature aids in frying the food a tiresome task. It needs a lit bit more care to use for a long time.

It should be preferably washed by hand and seasoned properly following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Made In Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan

The frying pan made of carbon steel, having a 10-inch diameter is light in weight as compared to cast iron frying pans.

It is a hybrid form of cast iron and stainless steel frying pans.

This type of frying pan is prioritized by the experts as compared to cast iron and stainless steel frying pans due to its lightweight and high durability.

Being light in weight, it is easy to make breakfast items like omelets in this type of frying pan. If appropriately used, it can work as a non-stick pan also due to its extra smooth surface.

Its bonus feature is that it can endure a temperature as high as 1200 ℃. It is appropriate to be used on an induction hob. 

But it needs to be washed by hand and properly seasoned for long-term usage.

Final Thought

In the end, I would conclude that the material of the frying pan and how you deal with the pan define how long the pan would be saved from warping.

All the above-referred pans are top-quality heavy-duty pans that would never warp if are not subjected to sudden temperature changes.

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