How To Clean Enamel Griddle Pan (Explained)

Cleaning outside of enameled cast iron can be challenging, but baking soda or an Easyoff oven cleaner can be a savior. Sprinkle some baking soda on the outside of enameled cast iron cookware. Wash it off with water, and here you go with shining cookware

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Cleaning and washing the dishes might be arduous, but when it comes to enameled cast iron cookware, one must clean it properly to use them for an extended period.

This article will unleash some of my personal experiences and easy hacks to clean gunky cookware. 

clean enamel griddle pan

Why does my Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Get Stains?

Before starting with guidance on cleaning the enameled cast iron, we must know the reasons for their staining.

Once you have figured out the factors, you can easily prevent your enameled cookware from getting stained.  

Reasons for Enameled Cast Iron Staining  

  • Extended Hours of cooking can damage cookware’s surface  
  • Dark Food /Spices can leave their color (Stains) behind  
  • The high heat could leach out the protective layer of your cast iron  

Although the staining of Enameled Cast Iron Cookware will not affect the quality and taste of your food, for a more extended period, it can affect the efficiency of cookware.  

Use Multipurpose Baking Soda   

Baking soda has been used for various purposes for ages.

Every person loves its cookware and does not want to see them losing its shine with each passing day.

I have tried baking soda on every greasy cookware and stubborn stains. This method requires a lot of muscle power for scrubbing and cleaning.  

How to clean the outside of enameled cast iron cookware with baking soda?  

I take a pot I often use for cooking and give it baking soda to recover its shine. Sprinkle baking soda on the pot and let it rest for a few minutes.

Scrub off with a pad and water. It works perfectly fine. Scrub them with soap and water.  

Benefits of using baking soda  

  • Helps in removing gunky stains and grease  
  • Gives off a shiny look to pans and pots  
  • Helps in cleaning stove and oven  
  • Cleanse rustic surfaces well  
  • Helps in removing coffee and tea stains

Try Easy-Off Oven Cleaner  

Sometimes, a few things do not work and suppose baking soda does not work for you. Try Easy-off oven cleaner to clean the cookware.

It is the easiest method and does not require energy and muscle power. The chemical does all cleaning by itself.

It is tried and tested on pans and pots. I take a pot I want to clean and spray easy-off oven cleaner.

Keep it overnight and scrub off the following day with a sponge and water.

Make sure to wipe out all the easy-off residue because it is hazardous if it gets into the meal.   

Easy-off cleans oven, stove top, and greased and sticky cookware so well that it makes you love your kitchen accessories and utensils again.  

Apply Vinegar on Stains and Burnt Pots  

The everyday household things are significant when cleaning burnt pots and pans. Everyone might have tried this at home for one reason or another.

The vinegar combined with a bit of soda can magically clean cookware. The vinegar makes pans and pots sparkle like new cookware.


  1. Add one cup of vinegar and ½ baking soda to a bowl to make a mixture.
  2. Apply this mixture to the outside of enameled cast iron cookware and let this mixture sit on the outside for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Scrub the cookware with a scrubbing pad and water.

Usage of House Bleach for Stains Removal  

Although it seems weird to use bleach for stain removal from enameled cookware, it can be effective sometimes.

Because it often happens that these are not stains but food residues left behind. A small amount of bleach can leach out these stubborn food particles.  


  1. After cooling your enameled cookware, soak them in a mixture of 2-3 tbsp of house bleach per quart of water.
  2. Let them dive there for 2-3 hours. You will see the visible effect of a color changing due to those stubborn particles.
  3. After the required time, wipe off the utensils with a clean cloth.  

Clean With Bar Keepers Friend  

It might be possible that the above methods are not suitable for everyone. One can try different ways to clean the cookware.

Try Bar Keepers Friend and scrub off with a scrubber and water.

It is the easiest method to clean the cookware. Get Bar Keepers Friend from the nearest store.  

Method: It is like a powder and applies to the outside of enameled iron cast cookware.

Make sure not to focus too much on one area because it could damage its enamel.

Take a pan or pot which requires cleaning and apply Bar Keepers Friend on stains and grease.

Start scrubbing with scrub and water. The pot will shine as if it has never been used before. 

Tips to Avoid Enameled Cast Iron Cookware from Staining  

Here are some go-to tips to avoid the staining of your cast irons  

  • Always brush your stencil with oil before cooking  
  • Don’t preheat your vessel without lubricant  
  • Low and medium heat is a good choice for cast irons 

Final Thought

Enameled Cast Iron cookware is one of the best cookware for clean & efficient cooking.

By avoiding them from high heat, fewer spices, and less cooking time, you can lengthen the life of your utensils, avoiding stains.

Otherwise, follow the remedies above-mentioned to remove those stains. Enjoy cooking meals in your favorite cookware.

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