Using Small Pan on Large Induction Hob Ring (Explained)

A small pan on a large induction hob is not dangerous. Due to its size and incompatibility, the pan doesn’t work well. The electricity wastage and overheating are problems of the small pan on a large burner. There will be no problem when the pan is well suited with an induction hob.

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Cooking has been a fascinating topic and part of our lives for centuries.

There can be a problem with using a small pan on a large induction hob. The corresponding size of the pan and burner to work well.

Today I am going to describe whether a small pan with a large burner is safe or not.

small pan on a large ring on an induction hob

Working of induction hob

Induction hobs differ from the other hobs, available for cooking, in the way of their working.

In induction heating the hob heats the pan directly instead of first heating the ring and then the pan as in the case of other hobs.

The solenoid in an induction hob creates heat instead of any external force. This makes the induction cooking process much more fast and efficient.

 There is a set of magnets in an induction hob. Switching on the induction hob initiates a magnetic field below it.

In any case of a pan and induction hob size, it is necessary to create a loop between the pan and stovetop.

You can generate heat for the base of a pan when these two objects are much close. The pan and an induction hob are necessary for heat production.

Placing the pan on the induction hob completes the setup required. The magnetic energy of magnetic field is converted to heat energy.

The electromagnets of induction hob disturb the free electrons present in the base of the pan, generating heat.

The pan gets heated by induction process and food inside the pan starts cooking.

Tips to purchase an appropriate pan for induction cooking

A few points must be kept in mind while searching the best pans for the induction hobs.

Not always the expensive pans are the best pans for usage whether for cooking at home or as a chef at a restaurant.   


Only a specific type of pots and pans is suitable for usage in induction cooking.

The pans of the material that would take part in generation of magnetic field will be suitable.

The pans of cast iron or stainless steel are best for this purpose.

The pans made of other materials such as ceramics, glass or copper etc can also be used on induction hobs if the pan base is made of a material suitable for induction.

Pans having aluminium as a core material and ferrous plate for induction purpose as a base will also work well. 


Various types of induction hobs are available in the market varying in styles and features they possess.

Some of them have flexible induction abilities while the other have specific induction area and are made for using pans of  specific dimension.

So, if you have fixed induction area hobs compare the size of pan you are going to select with the hob at your home.


As the generation of heat is dependent on the generation of magnetic field it depends upon the area of pan and hob in contact with each other.

The greater the area in contact the stronger the magnetic field.

So, prefer buying the pan with a flat base because it will increase the area of contact.

Rewards of Using Induction Hobs

Time Efficient

In this era people are busy all the day long. They hardly find time to eat peacefully.

If we take into account cooking time, induction hobs are the best option to save time.

Quick Response

Induction hobs show quick response as compared to gas or other heating systems. Required temperature can be achieved with high precision.

Let‘s suppose I am boiling milk for some purpose and suddenly it rises to the edges of the pan or pot I am using.

In this situation I would like to have a system in which I am able to reduce the heat instantly.

Therefore, using the induction hob would be the best option when we need to reduce or increase heat quickly.  

Energy Efficient

In case of gas stove a large amount of heat is produced and a vast amount of energy is wasted as heat energy.

The reason is that the heat energy in this case is consumed in heating the ring, pan and all the things present near the stove.

Ceramic and solid plate hobs also cause the wastage of energy.

In case of induction hobs there is no wastage of energy because as you remove the pan from hob the heat production ceases.

This is due to incompletion of the setup required for generation of heat. So, we can control the amount of energy we consume using induction hobs.

Moreover, the process is environment friendly as it significantly reduces the amount of heat going out in the environment.

Easy of Cleaning

Induction hobs have smooth and flat surface. So they can be cleaned very easily just by wiping with a damp cloth.

Moreover, they get cooled instantly as you turn them off.

So, one more advantage of using induction hobs is that you can clean your kitchen immediately after you have cooked the food.

Easy and safe to Use

Induction hobs are simple and easy to use.

They possess various features like childproof lock, overheat protection, overflow protection, timer, etc. which ensure the safety and ease of use.

As the hob gets cooled within nanoseconds as you remove the pan or turn off the hob, the chances of hand burning reduce to 90 percent.


  • High Cost: We all know that technically advanced appliances are costly. The same is the case with induction hobs. They are also expensive.
  • Specific Pan Requirement: Induction hobs are compatible with pans having few specifications like size or material of pan.
  • Specific Installation Requirements: We can’t install the induction hobs by ourselves. We need to hire an electrician for this purpose. We are also supposed to purchase a specific cable and other specified instruments.   

Final Thought

I hope that now you have no ambiguity regarding using a small pan on a large ring on an induction hob.

I would, however, suggest you to ensure that you purchase the pan and burning ring of the same size.

Moreover, prefer selecting the pan made of a material that the magnet will attract.

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