Why Avoid Metal Spoon in Non Stick Pan? (Explained)

Metal spoons have a few drawbacks although there are lots of plus points, two major drawbacks are that one is that if used in a non-stick pan than they will degrade the coating of the frying pan and the other is that, they become heated up instantly.

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Metal spoons are the regular spoons we use to eat food or mix something.

Metal spoons are good conductors of heat, so using a metal spoon for cooking is not a good option.

It is very important to use the right spoons for cooking food. But in Asian tradition, we generally use metal spoons for cooking.

Using a metal spoon or any regular spoon for cooking, especially in non-stick pans, will spoil the non-stick coating of the pan.

Non-stick frying pans are made up of Teflon , a brand of an artificial chemical named PTFE that can be very problematic for health if consumed.

Metal Spoon In Non Stick Pan

If metal spoons are kept dipped in hot items, within a few seconds, the spoon becomes hot and can burn your hand and fingers.

Cooking is an art. Sometimes we forget that metal spoons are a good conductor of heat.

The regular spoons are made up of stainless steel.

Regular spoons are rust-free, very good for daily use, and are very easy to maintain and clean.

They have a polished finishing as a whole, and these spoons are safe for daily use.

Why don’t we use a metal spoon in cooking?

Metal spoons have a few drawbacks although there are lots of plus points, two major drawbacks are that one is that if used in a non-stick pan than they will degrade the coating of the frying pan and the other is that, they become heated up instantly.

This means that they absorb heat. Sometimes metal spoon leaves a metallic taste in the food when used for cooking.

The best spoon used for cooking is the wooden spoon and these spoons are bad conductors of heat as well, so there is no chance of the hand getting burnt.

For non-stick surfaces when sometimes food may get sticked, if then we are using metal spoons to release the food, it will scratch the coating of the frying pan.

For non-stick utensils, metal spoons are very problematic.

Wooden spoons don’t release harmful bacteria into the food.

Bacteria and various other germs do not like wooden spoons, they usually like the metal spoons and will mix with the metal spoons and the food and release harmful chemicals inside the food that can cause health issues in people, whoever is eating the food.

Although wood is said to be porous a myth about bacterial growth in the wooden spoon can be broken because actually bacteria can’t grow on wooden surfaces and is a frown, will die over time.

But we shouldn’t take this for granted, whatever type of spoons we are going to use should be washed very nicely before cooking.

Metal spoons when used for cooking, our hands don’t feel great while cooking.

The metals spoons are hard on the utensils and we don’t get that comfortableness while cooking when we are using the wooden spoons for cooking.

Can we stir boiling water with a metal spoon?

As metals are good conductors of heat, if we are using a metallic spoon for stirring liquid the spoon will surely become hot and will react with the kinetic energy of the spoon and will make the spoon vibrate and jump faster.

Metal spoons can make meat recipes tender

Since metal gets heated up very faster than water or any liquid taking time to get heated up.

In this case, metal spoons can make the meat get tender in a very less amount of time because it will heat up better.

So, we can use a metal spoon while preparing meat.

Disadvantages of using a metallic spoon for cooking

  1. Metal spoons release harmful chemicals in the food thus letting the food get more poisonous than the goodness we would have got from the food if a wooden speculum was used instead of a metallic spoon.
  2. Metal spoons aren’t good for the environment since they are not made up of natural materials, so they have some negative impacts on the environment. They don’t decompose naturally when thrown away.
  3. Metal spoons actually can lose their properties due to corrosion.
  4. Metallic spoons are not sturdy, which means they are not good for stirring thick mixtures like cream or something like that.
  5. Metal spoons are not at all easy to process and shape
  6. They are made up of heavy metals so is they are unbreakable in nature.
  7. Metal spoons manufacturing also costs high and so their price is also more and the wooden spoons are of less price.
  8. Another disadvantage of a metallic spoon while cooking is that metallic surfaces easily get dented.

Advantages of a metallic spoon

  1. One plus point in using metallic spoons for cooking is that they do not break or get cracked, sometimes like the wooden specula.
  2. They have good heat-resistant power and are not at all easy to burn.
  3. The properties of the metallic spoon don’t change that much, with the change of temperature.
  4. The metallic spoons have the highest metallic strength.
  5. The metallic spoons once bought can be used lifetime because they come with good durability, allowing them to tackle the everyday wear and tear activities of cooking food.
  6. The metallic spoons are not easy to be damaged and contaminated with harsh and bad things.

Final Thought

We can therefore use metallic spoons for cooking, keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages, it is good to go with a metal spoon.

Although if compared with wooden spoons then wooden spoons would win the race of cooking then the metallic spoons.

For cooking, if we are using wooden spoons then there is no chance of having any health hazard issues that can cause because of the harmful chemicals present in the metallic spoons.

And if one is comfortable in using metallic spoons rather than wooden spoons then they can surely go with that.

But the main thing that is needed to be avoided is anyhow one should not use metallic spoons for cooking when they are using a frying pan for food preparation purposes.

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