Is Pampered Chef Cookware Worth the Money? (Explained)

Yes. It is worth every penny. Because of the high cost, you may fall back on buying a pampered chef cookware but considering the durability, health benefits and usability, you may choose to go for Pampered chef.

The Author

Pampered Chef is a well-known American company ruling the kitchenware market for the last four decades.

The company was founded by Kimberly Clark Corporation in the year 1995.

The company always comes with very high-quality cookware products and provides customer services for the end-user.

The company has a specific non-stick coating that is very different from coatings of other non-stick cookware on the market.

Is Pampered Chef Cookware Worth the Money

The coating is patented by Pampered chef cookware.

These coatings are PFOA or PTFE free and therefore less harmful than other brands in the market.

All the cookware from this company can be used in induction, gas stove, and oven as well, which makes them the market leader in the cookware category.

The coating is comparatively safer for the dishwasher as well.

Features of Pampered chef cookware

Pampered Chef cookware is made of stainless steel and is coated with a special titanium blend material.

Cooking in PTFE or PFOA coated utensils makes it toxic for the food at high temperatures, releasing toxic gas and harmful chemical.

Features of Pampered chef cookware

The maximum temperature of this coating is 300ﹾC. This eliminates the limitation of the PTFE maximum temperature, which is 260ﹾC.

The coating has been tested in several laboratories and found safe for food. It is also approved by FDA for cookware.

The coating is dishwasher safe and has high durability compared to PTFE.

It remains intact even if the scrubber is used for cleaning but to some extent.

The slipperiness and shine of the coating are well comparable to that of PTFO coatings.

The foods do not stick so easily, even if the moisture in the food is low.

People like the product because of this advantage and foods cook quickly as well.

If proper instructions are followed, the coatings sustain for longer years.

Apart from the coatings the stainless steel used is a higher grade one and contains very less amount of silicon, which is harmful to health if consumed.

The durability of stainless steel is also high.

There are other features like a separate handle in a few of the cookware of Pampered chef.

The fry pans and saucepans have removable handles that can be easily removed in just 2-steps by following the instructions.

This feature reduces space consumption while storing on the shelf. So it is a really good brand for small kitchens.

The cost

The main drawback with pampered chef pan is the cost.

Titanium is itself a costly element, adding more elements to it for making a perfect bond for a coating material involves more cost.

When the cost is compared to other non-stick coated utensils, the cost is high.

But because of the high quality of coating and durability, someone may not choose to compromise and opt for Pampered chef cookware.

Pampered Chef cookware is also available in Teflon coatings. But they are only up to the safe limit at low temperatures.

But because of the brand value, even those Teflon coating utensils cost higher than other brands of the market.

Cooking in the Teflon coating cookware above 260 releases toxic fumes and makes food toxic.

It depends on the user how a person wants to select cookware.

The first thing is what size do you want, and if the size is available with the pampered chef.

Second is the material, if you want the titanium coated cookware, go for the pampered chef, else other brands serve the same purpose.

The third is the shape. Almost all the shapes of cookware required are available with pampered chef and need to look for other brands.

Fourth is the most important thing which is a handle.

I am sure you are not looking for the cookware with the tag “Handle with care”.

If you want a tough one then pampered chef is the right option.

The handles of pampered chef are detachable and make it the most unique cookware in the market.

Most of the cookware is black and white that are available on market, but some blue coatings are also available with the pampered chef to provide an additional option.

Generally, 1 year warranty is provided for the coating by other brands but for the titanium coated ones pampered chef provides 2 years of warranty.

So you may choose to pay extra for pampered chef for that additional warranty.

Mainly, the three things that should knock your mind while choosing pampered chef are durability, cleaning ability, coating.

So we now know that Pampered chef provides high durable utensils when compared to other companies.

Because of the strong steel base and titanium blended coating, it provides room for rough use. Even after use for years, cookware never tends to bend or warp.

They are designed in a way that heat is evenly distributed and does not form scorch easily on the base.

Second is the ease of cleanliness, the coating does not get scratched easily even if a bit of hard material is used for cleaning.

If needed, keeping the cookware soaked for an hour eases the cleanliness job.

The last concern is the health, in which case pampered chef provides the best in the market service because of titanium Teflon free base.

Final Thought

When choosing cookware is considered, it is fully based on your opinion and your opinion must support your budget.

Because of the high cost, you may fall back on buying a pampered chef cookware but considering the durability, health benefits and usability, you may choose to go for Pampered chef.

Pampered chef has extended the usability of their cookware in induction, oven or gas stove, which makes it the best option to choose.

Pampered chef cookware is dishwasher safe even.

Cleaning in a mild scrub cloth is also fine. Although using steel wool and an abrasive scrubber may damage the coating.

The pampered chef also manufactures PTFO utensils, ceramic utensils, aluminium utensils and cast-iron utensils.

But when compared to other brands in the market, this cookware is very costly. So why pay extra for the same material.

Although titanium coating is patented by a pampered chef, several other brands in the market provide titanium coated utensils at a much cheaper rate.

So choose wisely.

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