Insurance Won’t Replace Upper Cabinets: Claim Tips

You pay for insurance and you think that you will be able to get the things fixed that you need fixed.

But the insurance company will fight you and make you pay for things that you don’t think you should have to pay for.

They will try to make you accept an offer that you don’t think is fair. Don’t be in a hurry.

Take your time and get all of the information that you need to make sure that you get what you are owed.

Insurance Company Doesn't Want to Replace Upper Cabinets

The Solution – Hire An insurance adjuster

You should get an independent insurance adjuster to come in and fight for real replacement costs for a kitchen.

You do have to pay a fee or percentage – but even with that you should come out way ahead of what the insurance company initially offers you.

Things To remember

If you have a homeowner’s insurance policy, they will hold back a certain amount of money until you have done repairs. This is called a deductible.

The insurance company will not give you the money until you have the receipts to show that you have done the repairs.

How to Get a New Kitchen on Insurance

Does Insurance for the home, covers the Kitchen Damage as well?  Are we aware of something called, an insurance claim for damages to your kitchen?

In most cases, kitchen insurance is claimed based on a few criteria.

If there is any kind of accidental damage to the kitchen, we must have the insurance to be claimed.

Remaking a kitchen can incur a substantial cost. On claiming insurance, one can get a new kitchen for their home.

Let us study how to claim insurance in a proper way and in a shorter period of time.

Firstly, one should have a valid policy that is renewed at times and in existence during the time of the loss.

Second, the policy must be fulfilling the type of loss that we are claiming.

The insurance company will pay for the losses as long as one has handled almost all types of kitchen losses claims.

In other words, they will never agree to change your bottom cabinet without getting convinced to replace all of the cabinets.

Insurance companies sometimes make the process really hectic.

How to insure a kitchen?

How to insure a kitchen

Taking insurance for the kitchen is very easy. Firstly, buy all the equipment that is required for the kitchen before insuring.

The buy date should not cross 30 days, else that equipment will not be insured.

Secondly, apply for new insurance through your agent or online, make sure to read all the documents before signing all the papers required for insurance.

Third, be prepared for the audit, as a person from the insurance company will visit for an audit.

Make sure minimum safety for water damage and fire damage so that you will be insured, else insurance might be rejected.

If everything is as per the rules and regulations of the insurance company, you will get your insurance for your kitchen.

Water damage and insurance claim

We cannot always expect life to run as expected, water damage in our kitchen area can be experienced as well.

If this happens, you should file an insurance claim immediately.

Water damage and insurance claim

Your policy should be having the water damage covered.

In most cases, your insurance company will pay for these losses as long as coverage for almost all types of kitchen equipment is valid.

Compare the insurance claim requirements to see how the water damage claim can be approved.

All other inquiries should be discussed with the respective insurance company if needed.

Regular up-gradation should always be done, even before you go for filing a claim for water damage.

If something small problem is happening, then try to take the necessary measures to fix it yourself.

Rusted or corroded pipes in the kitchen may just require mild repair.

You should claim for the insurance only when you analyzed that everything cannot be fixed on its own.

However, with some regular preventive maintenance measures, the worst possible scenario can be eliminated in the future.

Your claim might get affected considerably if the water damage occurs within your kitchen.

Therefore, it is always very important to know about the details of your particular insurance company, their product, and what is being covered in it.

Ask any kind of questions that comes to mind while taking the insurance. When disaster strikes the kitchen, you must be prepared as much as you can.

Fire damage and insurance claim

In a lot of cases, damage to the kitchen by fire is covered under the insurance claims.

These claims are not confined to just only kitchen because the smoke from the kitchen fires blows throughout the whole house.

Fire damage and insurance claim

Smoke will stain the walls of the house and roof ceiling into a smoky black color.

Once you inform the insurance company, a surveyor will visit your house to check the damages and to validate the claim that has been made.

He may ask for a list of the property that has been damaged due to fire, and after discussing the case with the police and other parties, will submit the claim to the insurance company along with his report.

During the process, the surveyor may need additional documents and information in order to arrive at a conclusion and may ask for evidence.

So, in such unavoidable circumstances, please do keep all the evidence handy, otherwise, the claim may be rejected.

How to maximize the claims?

Claiming insurance can be a stressful process. If your claim is rejected, certain things need to be fixed to get approval.

Let us take a look at the steps you can take while dealing with a rejected claim.

How to maximize the claims

At first, we have to collect as much evidence as we can.

Snapping photos or recording videos does most of it and using a smartphone for all these is just more than sufficient.

As soon as you see any of such accidental damages, take photos and videos of the incidental event. This will serve as proof for claiming your insurance.

Try to take shots from as many as angles you can, this will increase the probability of your claims to pass.

Claim deny

Claim deny

Claiming insurance can be stressful sometimes.

Even if the damage is worst, still there may be a chance that your claimed insurance is denied. Insurers may deny the claim making even a silly reason.

So, ensure a high claim settlement ratio of the insurance company before taking the insurance.

Also, if at all claim is denied, make sure you have the detailed explanation from the insurance company and it should be in an email not as verbal communication with the company executive.

You must review all the company documents number of times before sending for the claim, it is encouraged to get the claim reviewed by a number of parties before sending for gaining coverage.

Final Thought

After collecting the evidence of the damage to your kitchen and its equipment’s the second step is to secure the house to save it from any more damage in the later future, since fate may turn back anytime.

If at an instance your kitchen/home is damaged to an extent that it becomes uninhabitable, you might have to temporarily move out of the house, for the refurbishment of the house.

So, it’s always a good idea to secure your future with House insurance.

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