15×10 Jelly Roll Pan Substitute: The Best Ones (Explained)

What Can Substitute for A Jelly Roll Pan when Baking?

A jelly roll pan is nothing but a type of pan having its outer sides shaped like the letter J or R.

Anyone can make two rows of Jelly rolls using a jelly roll pan.

It is mostly designed for making sweet dishes that may cause sticking issues while cooking in a traditional pan.

These pans mostly look like a normal baking sheet, typically 10” to 15”. These pans are mostly made of sheet metals or stainless steel.

Sometimes, these pans are used to make brownies, cookies, and bacon.

Sometimes, you may put some food on the jelly roll pan and put it in the oven.

Whether warm cooked food or baking a portion of food in the oven, jelly roll pans are multiuser utensils.

15x10 Jelly Roll Pan Substitute

Disadvantages of using Jelly roll pans 

Although Jelly roll pans bring in a lot of advantages, it has many disadvantages as well.

Suppose you want to use the big-sized dough for baking with a jelly roll pan.

You may find uneven baking and dough sticking to the surface.

Disadvantages of using Jelly roll pans

So, you must make small balls or bring them to some shape for baking in the oven with a jelly roll pan.

These pans are also difficult to clean because food items get stuck to them very easily. Dust gets more accumulated when baked using a jelly roll pan.

Also, someone baking in a jelly roll pan has to use oil or butter in the pan. Otherwise, more foods get stuck in the pan.

Adding oil or butter adds more calories and fats to the food, which is unhealthy.

7 Jelly Roll Pan Substitutes

Therefore, some substitutes must be thought of instead of a jelly roll pan. Some substitutes are explained below.

Half sheet pan

Half sheet pans are generally of 18” X 13” and are made of sheet metal and sometimes available with non-stick coatings as well.

Different types of pans are used based on purpose.

Half sheet pan

Half sheet pans are highly durable, have a high-quality finish, high heating ability, and are easy to clean when compared to jelly roll pans.

It can be used for making thick cakes large doughs as well without using additional oil or butter.

Cookie sheet pan

The cookie sheet pan is a rectangular flat pan that does not have rolled edges like a jelly roll pan. It has only a lip on one side of the pan.

But these are much better pans when compared to jelly roll pans because these pans do not stick like jelly roll pans.

Cookie sheet pan

The shape of the baked cookies is also maintained properly because of using a cookie sheet pan.

These pans are also available in different types of coating, and someone can choose based on their requirement and budget.

Full sheet pan

Full sheet pan

A full sheet pan is just a bigger version of a half sheet pan. Generally available in 18” X 26” and is available in number of coatings.

Because of its bigger size, it can contain more amount of dough or a larger number of cookies in it.

So a large number of cookies can be baked in one shot.

Quarter sheet pan

cutting a half sheet pan in two halves makes a quarter sheet pan.

All the properties and functionalities that a full sheet pan or half sheet pan provides, are provided by a quarter sheet pan as well.

Quarter sheet pan

So, it does not make any difference other than just making the baking quantity to half.

But in addition to all others, even a jelly roll can be prepared in a quarter sheet pan, it’s just that quantity needs to be adjusted.

Aluminum dough-maker pan

Aluminum is a high-quality metal that provides a rust-free solution to baking. It is highly resistant and very versatile as well.

If you want to bake for a longer time and make sure that even baking is done to a large dough then this type of pan is the best solution.

Aluminum dough-maker pan

Without the use of any non-stick spray, oil, butter, etc. aluminum dough maker pan can be easily used as it is non-sticky by nature and is one of the best replacements for a jelly roll pan.

Casserole pan

This is a large deep pan or can be said as a bowl used for baking a wide variety of dishes.

It can be used for baking as well as serving purposes. The casserole is itself a food that is prepared within this type of pan.

Casserole pan

If you want to have a thick batter be baked, then a casserole pan is the best option.

Jolly roll pan never provides that much depth as provided by casserole pan.

Stainless steel utensils

Even the stainless steel utensils at our home can be used as a pan when needed.

Stainless steel provides the best rust-free solution for baking and even for frying when seasoned properly.

Stainless steel utensils

There are a lot of 3 ply stainless steel utensils used in cooking and as well as baking.

Because of its high longevity, this type of utensils is now widely used by well-known Bakers and chefs.

Final Thought

Jelly roll pans are widely used for making some specific types of jolly rolls. And because of its limitations, it can not be used for any kind of purpose.

As buying a jelly roll pan is a one-time investment, one has to be very logical while buying it.

Sometimes, bakers wrap the pan with aluminum paper or parchment paper and use it for a different purpose but the cost of those papers needs to be incurred.

If just for making a jelly roll is considered, then there are a lot of other options available, as described above.

Maybe you can just choose a simple rectangular pan or a round pan and cook varieties of cookies or pastries in it.

So it need not be specific for jelly roll pan.

It is not like a jelly roll pan should not be used, just a suggestion that when you have several other options then why be so specific about jolly roll pan.

It is just a matter of choice and consideration of functionalities that a baker considers before choosing a jelly roll pan over another pan.

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