Can I Use 8×8 Pan Instead of 9×9?

There are many baking pans in the market of various sizes and shapes. Pans are widely used for baking various products. When it comes to sizes, we can use different sizes only when the quantity is being considered. When thinking about the size difference, we may think 8×8 and 9×9 are not having vast differences … Read more

Burnt Pot Smell: Is It Toxic?

Are the Fumes from A Burned Stainless Steel Pan Harmful? Stainless steels are the type of metals usually made from the combination of many metals placed in layer form, but among the metals, only the stainless steel comes in contact with the fumes. There are many types of stainless steel. There is no such thing … Read more

Does High Heat Ruin Non Stick Pans?

What Happens When Nonstick Pans Are Overheated? Non-stick pans are nowadays trending modern utensils found in every kitchen. People have now switched to modern non-stick pans from their traditional pans. These non-stick pans are nothing different but traditional pans coated with different types of chemical coating. This coating helps in cooking food at very less … Read more

Is Pampered Chef Cookware Worth the Money?

Pampered Chef is a well-known American company ruling the kitchenware market for the last four decades. The company was founded by Kimberly Clark Corporation in the year 1995. The company always comes with very high-quality cookware products and provides customer services for the end-user. The company has a specific non-stick coating that is very different … Read more

Stainless Steel Pan on Electric Stove: Is It possible?

Cooking in A Stainless Steel Pan/pot on An Electric Burner, Is There Any Way to Make This Combination Work? Stainless steel cookware is most common in every kitchen. Because of health issues with coated cookware, stainless steel cookware is widely used. Apart from this, stainless steel cookware is corrosion resistive, highly durable, easy to clean, … Read more